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Bottle Exchange - Safely exchange bottles

How To List Bottle


  • You must have an account
  • You must have added your bank information
  • The bottle must be sealed and original
New Listing

First you must choose whether to add a regular or premium listing. We will walk you through a regular listing here. With a premium listing you will prompted for an asking price, then you will be taken to the same payment screen seen below.

Bottle Exchange New Listing
The boring bit

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before proceeding. This will let you know what happens regarding offers, delivery and payment of your listing.

Bottle Exchange The boring bit
Begin to add your listing

Here you will be shown the create listing screen. Please type your distillery in the distillery input box. If your distillery isn't shown, please select 'Not Listed'. An administrator will add your distillery upon receipt of your listing.

Bottle Exchange Begin to add your listing
Finalise your listing

Once all of the required fields have been entered, the Next button appear and will take you to your basket.

Bottle Exchange Finalise your listing

You will be presented with your shopping basket. If you wish to add additional bottles, click the provided link. Otherwise you can head to the payment page.

Bottle Exchange Basket

To proceed with the listing, please enter your payment details.

Bottle Exchange Payment
Final step

Now you must post your bottle to us using the provided document. Please ensure you purchase sufficient postage with any required insurance. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Bottle Exchange Final step