• Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Register?
  • How much does it cost to register?

      Registration is free however e-mail verification is required prior to your account being activated.

  • Can Businesses become members?

      Businesses can become members on Bottle Exchange

  • Selling Through Bottle Exchange

      Bottle Exchange facilitates the sale of Whisky between individual members by allowing sellers to specify how much they want to sell their Whisky for.
      Members can register a “Standard” Or “Premium” listing and state the asking price. The listing must be sent to us for verification prior to being live

  • What is the difference between a standard and premium listing?

      A Standard listing requires the seller to fill in the required details along with images.
      A premium listing requires the seller to simply state the asking price, we will fill in the required details and your listing will be shown at the top of all searches.

  • Buying through Bottle Exchange?

      To buy a bottle simply select the listing you want and “make an offer”. If the seller accepts the buying process will automatically begin.

  • How do I offer to swap my bottle for one that’s on Bottle Exchange?

      If you have an active listing you can offer to exchange your listing with other active listings along with sending or receiving money on top of the exchange offer.
      For more on how to make an offer see our Buying Guide
      For more on how to create a listing see our Selling Guide

  • I’ve sold a Bottle, what happens now?

      As soon as the buyer has paid for the purchase the Selling process begins. Your bottle will be shipped to the buyer and you will receive your payment within 2 weeks.

  • Do I need to send my bottle to Bottle Exchange?

      Yes. This allows us to verify your listing ensuring its authenticity and condition.

  • I have a listing active. How many offers will I receive?

      You’ll receive unlimited offers where you can Accept, Reject or Counter the Offer.

  • How is Bottle Exchange a benefit to other online Auctions or other online whisky platforms?

      Online Auctions require users to bid on lots with the highest bidder at the end of the auction winning. Some lots hold reserve prices which if not met the sale will not go through and the bottle with require to be re-listed in the next running auction which will again incur both a listing fee and reserve fee to the seller.
      Members with active listings can offer to swap their listing with other active listings and counter any offers made giving you full control of the sale price.

  • Why do we need to send Bottle Exchange out listings?

      Verification is absolutely paramount to ensuring both buyers and sellers are completely satisfied with the agreed sale price. This removes the opportunity of fraudulent listings being created and ensures a smooth process for both buyers and sellers.
      Will you collect my bottles?
      If you register 6 or more listings we will arrange collection completely free.

  • How long are my listings active for?

      Your listings are active for 31 days where you will receive a timely notice when the 31 day period is soon to lapse where you can re-list your listing for a further 31 days.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

      There are absolutely no hidden fees, cost breakdowns are on each listing as you go to make an offer to show you exactly what your final bill will be.

  • Why should I sell my Whisky through Bottle Exchange?

      Selling through Bottle Exchange gives you full control of the sale price. You also have the opportunity to receive and send exchange offers with other active listings.
      Your listings are active for 31 days with no reserve fees, no commission fees and no hidden costs and you can counter any offer increasing the opportunity to reach a deal.

  • Why Should I buy through Bottle Exchange?

      Our Buyer fees are the lowest on the market.
      If you have an active listing you can offer to exchange your listing with other active listings.
      You can offer any price on any listing.
      Your total costs are shown clearly on each listing.