Whisky DistilleryWolfburn

2022 Mey Games


The Wolfburn Mey Games 2022 release is an exclusive celebration of the beloved Caithness Mey Games. This limited edition whisky, meticulously crafted in the heart of Wolfburn's traditional distillery, encapsulates the joyous spirit of this annual festivity. Discover the unique charm and camaraderie of the Mey Games through this expertly crafted bottle.

About the distillery

Wolfburn Distillery, region Highland, located in Thurso was founded in 2011 by Andrew Thompson although the original distillery was founded in 1821 by William Smith. During the 1820's it was the largest producing distillery in Caithness and William ran the distillery until 1837 when it closed however it is believed to have opened during the 1860's. The new built distillery is constructed on the same grounds near the exact location as the original, the distillery was completed in 2012 and began producing in 2013.

  • Distillery Wolfburn
  • AgeUnspecified
  • ABV46%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £120
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