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About the distillery

Springbank Distillery, region Campbeltown, located in Campbeltown was founded in 1828 by Archibald Mitchell on the site where he previously ran an Illicit Distillery on the grounds prior. The distillery was the 14th licensed distillery in Campbeltown where eventually Campbeltown would host over 30 Licensed Distilleries. Archibald remained in ownership of the distillery until 1837 when it was handed to his sons John & William, John and his son formed J&A Michell & Co. who eventually acquired full ownership of the distillery. By 1934 almost the entire Campbeltown distilleries had closed their doors with blenders refusing the whisky produced by Campbeltown distilleries to poor quality along with a hard recession in full swing it caused huge financial difficulties. Springbank was one of two distilleries to continue its production. In 1970 Springbank bottled its first 50 year old whisky Springbank is one of the most unique distilleries to date. Before established, Archibald was distilling on the grounds where Springbank sits today and the distillery has remained within the Mitchell family since constructed.

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