Whisky Distillery Port Ellen

30 Year old Hunter Laing


Port Ellen 30 Year Old Hunter Laing Distilled in late 1982 and bottled 2013 this limited release consists of only 120 bottles Bottle No. 115 Exchange for Japanese or Campbeltown limited release is preference

About the distillery

Port Ellen Distillery, region Islay, located on Islay was founded in 1825 by Alexander Mackay (A.K Mackay & Co.). After only a few months of production ownership was transferred to relatives after Alexander fell into significant financial difficulties. In 1833 John Ramsay purchased the distillery and was given an indefinite lease to distill on the Island. In 1892 after John’s death his widow ran the distillery until her death in 1906 when her son Ian Ramsay inherited the distillery and in 1920 after almost 100 years in the family Ian sold the distillery to Buchanan-Dewars after seeing a major effect on his exports to the US when the prohibition began. The operation of the distillery was carried out by the newly formed Port Ellen Distillery Company Ltd. In 1929 with the prohibition in full force and a global drop in whisky consumption and sales forced the distillery closed its doors and in 1930. SMD acquired the distillery who mothballed it shortly after purchasing it. In 1967 production began again and in 1973 was upgraded and modernized however in 1983 the distillery was again mothballed due to the British Recession and subsequently closed in 1987. Considered one of the finest collectable whiskies Port Ellen bottles can fetch considerable sums.

  • Distillery Port Ellen
  • Age30
  • ABV54.1%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £1000
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