Whisky Distillery Mannochmore

Loch Dhu 10 Year Old Black Whisky


The ultimate marmite whisky! It has been hailed as the best whisky ever by its fans but described as liquid asphalt by others. It has become incredible desirable for collections, especially in America and Scandinavian countries.

About the distillery

Mannochmore Distillery, region Speyside, located in Glenlossie was founded in 1971 by Scottish Malt Distillers a subsidiary of DCL and was managed by John Haig & Co. Ltd. Mannochmore played a big part on producing for Haig Blends until 1985 when the distillery was mothballed when DCL began managing their portfolio due to over production in the whisky market causing the industry to essentially crash. In 1989 the distillery was brought back into operation under the now ownership of United distillers who had been formed by Guinness after they acquired DCL in 1986. It released its first official single malt by Flora & Fauna in 1992 although remains a focus on producing for Haig's Blends. In 1997 United Distillers merged with Grand Metropolitan forming Diageo.

  • Distillery Mannochmore
  • Age10
  • ABV40%
  • Size75cl
Asking Price £225
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