Whisky DistilleryLagavulin

12 Year old 2020 release


Lagavulin 12 year old 2020 release

About the distillery

Lagavulin Distillery, region Islay, located on Islay was founded in 1816 By John Johnston & Archibald Campbell, (6 years after Archibald Founded Jura distillery on the neighbouring island). The Island was known for its illicit distilleries where it is believed there were up to 10 in operation dating back to the 1740's. 2 distilleries were built on site, first was believed to be Kildalton Distillery built in 1816 and Lagavulin built in 1817 with Lagavulin taking over as core producer by 1837 with Kildalton closing its doors. Peter Mackie Who was the founder of the White Horse Blend purchased the distillery in the late 1800's however he was also a sales rep for neighbouring and rival distillery Laphroaig and when he lost his agency in 1907 he decided to build the Malt Mill Distillery with the intentions of producing identical whisky to that of Laphroaig whisky. The Distillery failed and its whisky was nothing like that of Laphroaig due to the Peat and Water being of different sources, The Malt Mill distillery Closed down, Many believe Malt Mill to be a Myth with its whisky never been seen in reality. During the course of Malt Mill's Operations there were several legal battles by Laphraiog with the operational intention of Malt Mill. Diageo subsidiary United Distillers & Vintners (IDV) acquired White Horse Distillers. Diageo remain the owner of the distillery however it is preferred by many of its customers that their releases remain under the name of White Horse Malt Mill Played a Part in the Scottish Comedy Movie "The Angles Share".

  • Distillery Lagavulin
  • Age12
  • ABV56.4%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £85
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