Whisky Distillery Killyloch

Killyloch 1967


Distilled in 1967, released in 2003 this 36 year old is limited to only 371 bottles Bottle No. 111

About the distillery

Killyloch Distillery, region Lowland, located in Airdrie was founded in 1965 by Inver house Distillers although the distillery name was incorrectly stamped as the intended name was Lilly Loch to where the distillery drew its water source from. The stills were incorporated into the Glenfalger distillery where both distilleries formed worked together to form blends. In the 1970’s the stills were dismantled and following on in 1985 Glenfalger distillery itself was demolished.

  • Distillery Killyloch
  • Age36
  • ABV40%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £7000
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