Whisky DistilleryGlengyle

Kilkerran 12 year Old


Released in August 2016 the 12 year old is the First core range release from the Glengyle distillery.

About the distillery

Glengyle Distillery, region Campbeltown is located in Campbeltown was founded in 1872 By William Mitchell and fully constructed by 1873 when production was started. In 1919 the distillery was sold due to the post war financial effects and changed ownership on a number of occasions. In 1925 the distillery ceased operations closing its doors, whilst a number of attempts were made to re-open the distillery all however failed along with the start of the Second World War in 1939. Preventing the distillery from reopening. The distillery remained closed until in 2000 when Mitchells Glengyle Ltd purchased the distillery with the purpose of rebuilding the distillery. The rebuild took 4 years to complete and was designed by Frank Mchardy. In 2004 production at Glengyle began once again. The Distilleries single malts are bottled under the brand name Kilkerran due to trademark regulations which Mitchells Glengyle do not hold the rights to. Mitchells Glengyle Ltd is a company founded by the family of the late William Mitchell.

  • Distillery Glengyle
  • Age12
  • ABV46%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £50
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