Whisky Distillery Dallas Dhu

Dallas Dhu 50 Year old


One of only 56 bottles produced. Dallas Dhu distillery closed in 1983 so a real rarity with no more ever going to be produced.

About the distillery

Dallas Dhu, Region Speyside, located in Forres was founded in 1898 by Alexander Edward. Alexander built the distillery to benefit from the current demand for whisky however sold the distillery prior to production to Roderick Dhu who renamed the distillery Dallas Dhu. Wright & Grieg Ltd purchased the distillery after WW1. The distillery was forced to close again in the 1930's during the great depression until 1939 when the distillery became active once again but only for a short period after a fire broke out causing significant damage to the distillery. The distillery went through a rebuild under the ownership of DCL and in 1947 once again began production until 1983 when the distillery closed its doors for the last time.

  • Distillery Dallas Dhu
  • Age50
  • ABV59.2%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £3750
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