Whisky Distillery Brora

35 Year Old - 2013


Brora 35 year old bottles in 2013 Bottle Number 1350 of 2944 A Exchange for Macallan is of preference

About the distillery

Brora Distillery, Region highland, Located in Brora was founded in 1819 by ex-Duke of Sutherland, Origionally named Clyneilish. The distillery struggled to make an impact at its early years. It changed ownership in 1912 with the distillery on the brink of bankruptcy and in 1925 DCL purchased the distillery to produce for its blends. Clynelish closed its doors in the 1930’s and didn’t reopen until the boom of the whisky industry in the 1960’s, By 1967 the demand was so great that DCL built a second distillery adjacent to it’s the original distillery, both distilleries ran under the name Clynelish A & B however in 1968 the original distillery (A) closed its doors but re-opened in 1969 to aid a peat shortage that was required for Johnnie Walker blended whiskies, DCL opted to re-open the Clynelish distillery over Caol lla, the original distillery was re named Brora to avoid confusion but again closed in 1983. After Diageo acquired DCL they announced in 2017 plans to re-open the distillery and in May 2021 the distillery was re-opened.

  • Distillery Brora
  • Age35
  • ABV49.9%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £1800
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