Whisky Distillery Blair Athol

Blair Athol 8Year Old 1980s 75cl


Blair Athol and the majority of its production has been at the heart of Bells Whisky for decades. However in the 70s and 80s this expression was promoted as a single malt in its own right. Guinness (now known as Diageo) bought the company in 1985 losing interest in the brand. However in the 90s the Blair Athol Single Malt was brought back to life as a 12 year old to join United Distillers (Guinness) Flora and Fauna line up. Grazing to most of the box edges and corners and a pronounced line across the top of the box lid. A further pronounced line in the middle of the rear of the box.

About the distillery

Blair Athol distillery, Region Highland, Located in Pitlochry was founded in 1798 by John Steward and Robert Robertson who originally named the distillery Aldour. The distillery was sold to Peter Mackenzie who closed the distillery in 1932 with the overproduction of whisky along with the Global economic downturn. Arthur Bell & Son's purchased the distillery in 1933 who in 1949 restarted production in the distillery. Blair Athol played a vital part to the Bells Blends however did release its own single malts After Guinness purchased Arthur Bell's & Sons the distillery sole focus was production for blends until United Distillers Acquired Guinness and released a popular Flora & Fauna release however Blair Athol has not since bottle under their own single malt brand.

  • Distillery Blair Athol
  • Age8
  • ABV40%
  • Size75cl
Asking Price £135
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