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Kirkcowan (Bladnoch) Cask


1 Kirkcowan (Bladnoch) 2020 Refill Hogshead #90011 This Hogshead is a Kirkcowan single malt that was distilled on the 28 July 2020 and is currently maturing at Coleburn Distillery through Cask 88. Cask #90011 is a first fill, refill hogshead with: Origional Litres of Alcohol: 150.9 Strength: 63.5% This equates to 339 Bottles at New Make Strength ** A Change of ownership fee is payable by the buyer - Cask 88 fee £200 ** NOTE: • This cask has NOT been regauged since filled. • The Hogshead will remain storage & insurance free until 28 July 2023 where it will become the responsibility of the buyer to maintain such payments. • All associated costs in transferring ownership are the buyers responsibility • The buyer will be responsible for any costs relating to removing the cask from bond in the future (i.e UK excise duty / VAT) as well as any other costs associated with cask movement and bottling.

About the distillery

Bladnoch Distillery, Region Lowland, located in Wigtown was founded in 1817 by John & Thomas McClelland, The distillery had early success with over 130,000 liters of whisky produced between 1823-26, by 1878 the distillery had vastly expanded and was producing over 230,000 liters per annum, The distillery closed in 1957 with the after effects of WW2 ceasing production of whisky, The distillery changed hands a number of times but officially closed its doors in 1993. The Armstrong brothers purchased the distillery in 1994 and modernization of the distillery began, in the late 2000 the distillery re-opened and its first release occurred in 2009, In 2015 David Prior purchased the distillery Bladnoch has caught the eyes of collectors with former Macallan master distiller Nick Savage now employed at Bladnoch Distillery as master distiller

  • Distillery Bladnoch
  • Age2
  • ABV63.5%
  • Size300cl
Asking Price £3600
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