Whisky Distillery Banff

1971 37 Year old


Banff 1971 37 year old dead whisky society A cask strength release from Banff limited to only 565 Bottles. Bottle No. 298 Note. Condition of Box internal

About the distillery

Banff Distillery, Region Highland was founded in 1824 by Major James Mckilligan who ran the distillery before selling it to the Simpson family. The distillery ran under the Simpson family until 1863 when the distillery was re-located to Inverboyndie to give closer access to the railway line. In 1877 the distillery was destroyed by a fire. The Simpson's rebuilt the distillery and restarted production. In 1932 the distillery was sold to SMD with the Simpson's falling into liquidation caused by the drastic drop in demand for Scotch Whisky. SMD mothballed the distillery and in 1941 a warehouse was bombed by German Aircraft during WW2. Post war the Distillery was brought back into production until 1959 when an explosion within the distillery almost completely destroyed it. The distillery was rebuilt and brought back into production until 1983 when a fire broke out closing the distillery for good. Banff is considered as one of Scotland's unluckiest distilleries however today Banff whisky is highly sought after

  • Distillery Banff
  • Age37
  • ABV53.3%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £450
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