Whisky DistilleryArdbeg

Heavy Vapours - Committee Release


Heavy Vapours Committee Release stands as a unique Ardbeg limited edition exclusively available to Ardbeg Committee members. This whisky showcases the distillery's legendary peat-infused character, wrapped with an added layer of complexity and intensity that befits its exclusive status. It's a stunning tribute to the distinct style of Ardbeg, that will delight the distillery's committed followers.

About the distillery

Ardbeg Distillery, region, Islay, was founded in 1815 by the Mcdougall family however the distillery had been producing whisky since 1798. Commercial production began in 1815 with the distillery producing over 1 million litres between 1851 and 1981. Hiram Walker purchased the distillery in 1977 and shortly after sold to Allied Distillers who mothballed the distillery in 1981, operations resumed in 1989 - 1997 under the ownership of Glenmorangie Plc. The Distillery has since been refurbished. French corporation LVMH acquired Glenmorangie in 2004. Ardbeg since has built a huge reputation with limited releases quickly snapped up by whisky lovers.

  • Distillery Ardbeg
  • AgeUnspecified
  • ABV50.2%
  • Size70cl
Asking Price £160
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